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Local cryotherapy is a modern treatment method based on the principle of thermal exchange of energy. It is applied to injuries when rapid cooling of the affected part of the body leads to the instant removal of pain/analgesic effect lasting up to several hours / and to subsequent treatment.

Seminar in Prague - Hotel DON GIOVANNI Czech Republic UPCOMING DATE July 25, 2018

Our distributors are invited to attend regular seminars that are held in Prague - Hotel DON GIOVANNI Czech Republic. /UPCOMING DATE July 25, 2018, http://www.hotelgiovanni.cz/
Speaker director prim. MUDr.Tomanová Ph.D.MBA, Dr.ing. Strnad CSc,Dr. Narkiewicz, the owner of Cryomedpol.
These seminars include both training for our products for local cryotherapy, application of individual diagnoses and new trends in treatment and treatment by local and full body cryotherapy.

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